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Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon

The Lydiard™ Foundation is proud to be the Official Training Program of the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon and Foster Swift Half Marathon.

Training for a marathon is a huge commitment and one that deserves the very best training plan and support. That is why we have teamed with Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon and Gazelle Sports to bring you your Lydiard™ Method personalized training plan via the Running Wizard to deliver you to the starting line fit, fresh and ready for your big day.

Based on the #1 training choice of champions, the Lydiard™ Method, will guide you to your own peak performance, whether that is finishing for the first time, finally breaking that magic barrier of 5, 4 or 3 hours, or setting a new personal best.

Make your miles count. Start today!

How Would You Like to Train?

1. On my own with a customized Running Wizard plan

Running Wizard gathers your personal training information with a questionnaire to choose the perfect plan for your ability and training choices for the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon and Foster Swift Half Marathon. Your schedule provides comprehensive workout instructions so that you know exactly how to train each day, including distance and time ranges, heart rate guidelines, and suggested Rate of Perceived Exertion. The Final Surge Training Log allows you to track your training.

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2. With a coached group through a local Michigan Running Store utilizing Running Wizard

Join a group and not only share the motivating fun and friendship of other runners, but get expert instruction from a certified Lydiard™ Coach who can guide you through your plan, answer your questions and keep an objective eye on your progress. You will still get your personalized Running Wizard program that will be coordinated to fit the group workouts along with your Final Surge Training Log.

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